Our Fleet

    The Chemhaul Fleet

    Chemhaul Logistics Pty Ltd ® specialises in a range of fleet to cater to all of our customers needs. These include:

    • Ridged trucks
    • Tilt trays
    • Flat tops
    • Tautliners
    • Bulk tankers
    • B Doubles
    • Floats
    • Drop decks with ramps
    • Side loaders, and skells
    • Vehicles to cater for any needs

    Our Fleet Maintenance Manager is responsible for all inhouse maintenance to our fleet. We pride ourselves in ensuring that the following is maintained to our fleet:

    • All our vehicles are EPA Bulk Dangerous Goods Registered
    • All vehicles / trailers are regularly serviced
    • Maintainence checklist are utilised
    • Our replacement tyre policy consists of new tyres to all prime movers and trailers
    • Servicing includes valves, release valves, couplings, gaskets/seals, gauges and safety equipment
    • The Fleet Maintenance Manager is notified of drivers' vehicle defect reports