At Chemhaul Logistics safety is our first priority to our employees, our customers, the environment, and any other party involved in our business. Chemhaul Logistics has a company Safety Policy which is communicated to our staff on a regular basis along with adequate training provided at all levels of employment. 

Chemhaul Logistics acknowledges that their people are one of the most important assets, as they are all part of a dedicated team working to achieve the best in everything they do. 

Company policies

All of our drivers involved in the transportation of hazardous goods hold a Dangerous Goods Licence, and are also provided with specialised equipment for all logistics dangerous goods requirements. This also extends to our sub-contractors, and our policy demands that we only use sub-contractors who comply with our company standards, and the Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7. 

With ongoing company training and development, and training in Occupational Health and Safety Procedures provided to all divisions in Chemhaul Logistics, we are able to comply and continue to provide a safe work place, and maintain a positive culture and work environment.